Enquiry / RFQ
Get in touch to find out if your application is suitable for injection moulding. You can discuss your requirements directly with an engineer. We can also provide an NDA if necessary.

Quotation / Proposal
We will provide a quote for tooling as well as component production. Our quotations are inclusive of a full project management service so there are no extra charges.

Project Start
Projects will begin with a tooling purchase order and release of the production CAD data. PEP will assign the project to a dedicated project engineer who will create your individual project timing plan.

Project Management Kanban

Design for Manufacture (DFM) & Mouldflow
Your dedicated engineer will then issue a detailed DFM optimising the design for injection moulding manufacture. We will also conduct Mouldflow analysis for an in-depth investigation into the moulding process.

Sign Off
Before PEP order materials and begin cutting steel, you will receive a General Assembly (GA) for approval and sign off. Once this is completed the tooling manufacturing process will begin.

Project Status
We will provide you with weekly progress updates in line with the timing plan as well as photos/videos of the tooling.

PEP Mouldflow Analysis

Tool Trials
PEP will conduct tool trailing to ensure the capability and reliability of the tooling. The client is welcome to attend this step of the process if required. Samples will be submitted to the client along with an Initial Sample Inspection Report (ISIR).

If our overseas partner has manufactured the tooling it will be transported by sea or air to PEP. We will strip clean and inspect the tooling before conducting further trials, PPAP and sample submission.

PEP will submit full Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) documentation (Levels 1-3 are available) with parts for sign off. Master samples are held along with first off and last off samples from every production run which are compared with the master sample.

Tool Manufacture Driver

Quality Assurance
Specific quality control plans are created for your individual requirements along with full dimensional analysis. A Capability Study is carried out to ensure parts can be manufactured to exacting standards at full production rates including Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP).

The project is handed over to the production department where the production parts are controlled and scheduled using our ERP system.

Maintenance and Continuous Improvement
PEP adopt various continuous improvement techniques as well as various closely monitored KPI’s to ensure your parts are delivered at the highest quality, on time and in full. Your tool will be looked after utilising our ERP system with scheduled periodic maintenance to prevent downtime.

Quality Driver
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