Continuing with our new for old machine replacement program PEP have ordered 3 brand new machines to enhance production capabilities.

PEP have once again awarded the business to Engel UK for a 50T Engel Victory 200/50 tiebarless machine and two 120T Engel Victory 500/120 tiebarless machines. The two 120T machines each have a 3 axis robot incorporated onto them for automatic or semi-automatic operation.

Following intensive investigation by the PEP team the Engel machines are shown to be flexible, energy efficient and continue to be state of the art in terms of reliability and repeatability. With its proven tiebarless technology we can use a relatively small injection moulding machine for larger mould tools and have quicker mould tool changes, enabling PEP to be more competitive.

All 3 machines will be commissioned and replace three old 60T Sandretto moulding machines by the end of February ‘17.