Assembly and testing

With a dedicated area of the business PEP can bring real value in supplying complete sub-assemblies and complete products, including bespoke packaging, ready for onward shipping to your customers

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Ultrasonic welding, heat insertion and heat staking

Ultrasonic welding provides a fast, clean and efficient method of welding plastic parts together with a strong, permanent bond.

Heat insertion is a quick and economical technique used for fixing inserts for improved pull out and torque strength.

Heat staking is a cost effective process for making a permanent joint without using rivets, screws or glues

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Laser Marking and Printing

Laser marking of plastic & plastic engraving, is a process during which components are labelled or marked with the aid of a laser. This technique can also be used in the laser welding of plastics, during which one welding partner absorbs the laser beam and the other welding partner is transparent for the laser beam.

With various in house printing machines PEP can offer a selection of Tampo/Pad printing services.

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Chrome plating and painting

Chrome plating is a classic finish for many metal products, produced by electroplating a thin layer of chromium onto a metal substrate, providing corrosion resistance and increased hardness in addition to the decorative appearance.

These same properties can be achieved by metallising plastic components, with the added advantage of weight- saving over metal components.

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Special Packaging

Whether for protecting A face parts on route to the assembly line or finished packaging ready for shipping direct to customers PEP can offer complete bespoke packaging solutions.

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Kanban & JIT delivery

The speed of order delivery is an increasingly examined aspect of supply chain management, particularly with constantly expanding consumer demands for same- and next-day delivery and other features. Just-In-Time (JIT) delivery is an inventory management strategy that helps facilitate speedier order fulfilment. This enables our clients to reduce their costs for inventory storage and management.

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