Injection Moulding

PEP moulds a vast range of plastics, including technical engineering grade polymers, on a range of technical injection moulding machines from 12 tonnes to 650 tonnes, and a maximum shot weight of 2.95kg of polystyrene (which has a specific gravity of 1).

Our continuous investment in new plant and equipment keeps us at the forefront of modern technologies, and ensures we can process the widest range of engineering polymers such as PEEK, PPS, IXEF, Amodel, Fortron, Polyesters, POM, PPA, LCP, PC/ ABS Alloys as well as various PA66 and PA12 and HTN PA66.

Key features of our technical injection moulding service include:

  • Insert moulding
  • Insert moulding with vertical rotary table machine
  • 2 shot moulding
  • Micro moulding
  • 3-axis robots
  • 6-axis robots and cellular manufacture, automating assembly and complex operations to drive down costs.


PEP is a ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 approved injection moulding company based near London offering moulds in a vast range of plastics. We are specialists in technical moulded parts and assemblies for companies in the UK and worldwide.