6 week turnaround for new ParaPAC ventilators

Published - 14th May 2020
6 week turnaround for new ParaPAC ventilators 4

These are very difficult times. COVID-19 has catapulted us into a way of life that nobody could have predicted.

It is times like this that bring out the best of humanity. Heroes are emerging all around us from the frontline NHS workers and carers risking their lives to save and look after others to all key workers providing essential services and a 99-year-old war veteran raising tens of millions of pounds for the NHS.

This newsletter is dedicated to the staff at PEP who, in spite of their fears and anxieties, some using public transport, continued to work through this difficult time.

It is as a result of their dedication and commitment to the cause that PEP have managed to produce over 20,000 sets of ventilator parts for the UK, European and USA markets.

PEP is working with Rolls Royce through the “Ventilator Challenge UK” consortium. Utilising our in-house toolroom and capacity with our 30 Injection Moulding machine range we were able to deliver the program on time and in full. Thank you to all who helped make this possible.

PEP’s fully equipped tool room has seen a huge increase in companies tooling here in the UK.

This is a great early indicator for UK Manufacturing and long may this continue across all sectors of UK manufacturing.

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